Raw Pu-erh Cake

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Aged tree raw pu-erh from natural growing tea garden. It has a honey flavor and mellow taste. SGS tested 398 items and non-detected

In Yunnan, There are many ancient tea tea gardens. The tea trees are planted by the ancestor of Yunnan tea farmers. Now many tea trees are aged hundreds of years, some of them even thousand of years. The big tea trees are growing naturally now. Generally they do not need fertilizer and pesticides. The teas made by the leaves from this kind of old tea trees are better in flavor and taste than conventional tea, dueto the natural growing and rich content.The ancient tea gardens is scattered in many places of Yunnan, as Xishuangbanna, Pu-erh Region, Lincang Region, Baoshan Region. Our company tea has kept selecting and finding them from the villages and unkown mountains. And now we have big range of aeastged tree pu-erh products. They have rich fruity flavor and strong mellow aftertaste.

All of them can meet EU standard in pesticides.

We can compress the loose leaf into cake of different size, like 200g, 357g, 400g and 500g...