Changsha Wufeng Tea Co.,Ltd is a company formed in 2006, devoted to offer quality tea products with competitive price to overseas and domestic customers. Tea is the traditional product of China, and in China, there are hundred thousands of tea facotries and farmers. They are producing teas with different quality, price and characteristcs. The experts and staff of our company’s producing and quality control team are doing the work of selecting excellent products and suppliers from vast amount of them to present to our customers. And in the processing of this work, we stick to the principle of fair trade to enable the business bringing reasonable profits to the tea farmers, factories and customers, and meanwhile benefiting the society and natural surroudings as in the end to do our part of work for the sustainable development of the world.

     Besides the expanding number of our suppliers in all over the tea producing provinces, we have also built our own factories in Yunnan, Fujian, Guangdong, Anhui and Zhejiang. We are able to offer almost any kind teas and herbal teas to our customers. And also we can offer organic teas certified by IMO, BCS, NOP and ECO, and teas certified by Fairtrade and Rainforest organization. 

     China is the country with the history of tea making for thousand years. The traditional processing of teas are all conducted by hand. It requires very high performance of the tea workers. It needs sound experience and insight to make a outstanding tea quality. It is a kind of artistic work. The masterpiece of teas are much better quality than machine processing teas. Furthermore, each kind of Chinese tea has its own specific characters. They are the precious treasure of Intangible Cultural Heritage. However, the modern mechanization of tea processing are threatening the existence of traditions. One of our company's mission is to bring out the excellent quality hand-made teas to the world and preserve the tradition.

     And China is a country with ancient Chinese Medicine wisdom. Chinese herbs are playing the magic role on human health. With our company's professional and overall resource from all over China, our customer can have a complete touch with herbal teas.

    About our company name, the reason why we adopt Wufeng as our company name is that Wufeng means five-phoenix in English. phoenix and tea are symbolic mark of Chinese traditional culture. Phoenix is the fairy bird of South China, and tea is also the natural gift of South China. In many occasions of Chinese traditional celebrations, phoenix will appear as a lucky mascot. Especially in the legend when five color of phoenix, which is red, yellow, blue, white and black, appear as a group, it means the country’s people are living a rich and peaceful life. Five-Phoenix (Wu-feng) had ever been served as Emperor Era Name in Chinese Han Dynasty which is around two thousand years ago.

     Your choice of us as your business partner is highly appreciated. We wish our company Wufeng Tea will bring good products and at the same time good luck to you!